Bee Mindful

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“Bee Mindful” – Page 14 – by Jaime Becktel

includes perhaps the hardest won article of my baby career as a writer. Lots of work and re-work and re-work went into this piece, but I was committed that the story of my little pollinator friends made it out into the world in such a loving, positive way.

There’s enough doomster chronicles of the plight of the bees out there… I think people need solutions in order to keep their chin up and walk boldly forth into a world where they feel like they can actually make a difference. I know I do…

The people I met on the “Roadshow” were the most delightful collection of such individuals. Positive vibes… real hopeful and optimistic!

As ever, thanks for reading!

Page 14…

Bee Mindful by Jaime Becktel

Edible Southwest Colorado – Summer 2014