I am an artist, writer and illustrator living in beautiful southwestern Colorado – where the desert rises up to meet the mountains. Originally from San Juan Capistrano, California I grew up enjoying the best of what the area had to offer – surfing the local breaks, hiking oak-laden canyons and riding horses along coastal bluffs. More of a storyteller than a journalist, I enjoy celebrating the unsung hero, the hidden treasure, the secret and the soul of a person, place or thing.

In 2002 I published my first piece, “The Living Cultural Treasures of Yunnan, China” while studying Anthropology at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Since then my work has meandered a winding path of personal interests and inspirations ranging from travel pieces, historical antidotes and biographical accounts of fascinating people in a variety of publications.

I have illustrated five children’s books and a wonderful field guide of the edible plants of Colorado and the Southwest and I regularly create brand concepts and marketing materials for wide range of clients. Rarely am I without a set of watercolors or body paints, with which I paint the bellies of pregnant mamas, the strapping backs of vikings, or the faces of aspiring fairies, princesses, goblins and dragons.

Telling stories through the written word, the spoken word, through song, paintings, drawings, photography and design are some of my greatest passions in life. I delight in using words and imagery to portray meaning and to create reverence.


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