Beloved Bowie…

David Bowie

What an honor to write this tribute

It’s early and I’m drinking coffee in the sun when a friend shoots me the message: David Bowie died.

Nah. Not this morning. Not possible. But I search the headlines and it’s true. I see his chiseled face in story after story of remembrance and my heart falls as I realize what the world has lost: Our Ziggy Stardust, our Major Tom, our Aladdin Sane. He’s responsible for so much in the realms of music, art, fashion, theater and film, and I’ve loved him completely since 1986 when I met Jereth, the Goblin King for the first time, in Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth.” In his steel blue eyes rimmed in kohl liner, one pupil permanently dilated from a blow to the head as a lad, I saw my fantasy-filled future and grinned with great expectation.

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