Creation Pain: The Sugar Rockets

Jaime and Brian flipped

The creative process can be absolutely excruciating. So many times over the past year I’ve wanted to abort The Sugar Rockets album recording project because it seemed too impossible, too vulnerable and too out of control. Yet this time of co-creating with friends has also been an exhilarating experience… bringing art to life and letting it organically blossom between the minds and hands of unique individuals. This has been one of my greatest learning opportunities. Each person involved along the way has been a teacher, helping me to deepen my patience, expand my compassion, practice my ability to be grateful, and forcing me to embrace my humanity… flaws, gifts and all. I know that when there are tears of frustration in my eyes and I want more than ever to give up, it’s time to dig deep and keep going. It’s so close. So, so close. Thank you to Brian, Tracy, Liz, Danyel, Scott, Silvia, Julia, Brigette, Kelly, and so many others. I’m moved to tears by how proud I am of this creative offering of love and can’t wait to share it.

We’ll begin our Kickstarter campaign soon to manufacture CD’s. I’ll keep ya’ll in the know. VISIT:


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