From across the street I see him, dressed all in white, standing on the corner in San Francisco with his white-tipped dreds and his ivory smile. A cream suit perfectly coordinated in detailia and offset by flawless mocha skin. Gently rapping on his bongos and singing songs through a smile he pied pipers me over with lyrics of love, peace, unity and happiness….the usual buzz words that entice my wondering intrigue. I stand beside him for a while as he sings, and with his eyes closed he is unaware of the world swirling about him. A Saturday night of San Francisco craziness marches on, yet he notices not, completely complete in the hymns he trills. I just love this man….     One who stands and sings in the night for what he believes in. For what he longs to see live in the world. A break in the tune and he opens his eyes, still smiling. Always smiling. Somehow he knew I was there and he addresses me with the instant warmth of deep friendship. I ask him if I may give him a hug, yet in reality I am the one who desires the blessing of his energy. He is like an angel, and he says his name is HAPPY. He sings for my friends and I a lovely A Capella love-song to life itself and we bow in gratitude for each others presence in the world. My friends and I say goodbye to HAPPY, leaving him as such to adventure into the brisk and bustling city night.


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